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Code: C.V.R. FP-501
The said item is a natural hard ball, hand sorted, which is meant as grinding media in the ball mills. This is used by the ceramic units, Paints industries, Glass manufacturing units for their grinding process. In this trade this is the best and most required item, being natural product it has no undesirable effect on the material produced by the above sectors. Also silica balls are the cheapest among the options available in the market. The detailed information about the item is as under :
  • Siliminite Silica Balls : It is a natural product
  • Source : River bed
  • Shape : Oval & round as possible
  • Surface : Smooth and free from sand particles
  • Hardness : 7-8 on Moh's scale
  • Colour : Snow White
Application : Used for pottery works, in glass industries, in ceramic industries as grinding media(dry and wet grinding both).

Description : Flint pebble is a natural mineral usually oval in shape & confirm essentially to the formula SiO2 i.e. Silica Oxide. The structure is crypto crystalline.

  • Bulk Density : 2.7 to 2.9

Chemical Composition :

SiO2 - 95.0% to 98.0% Al2O3 - 3.0% to 5.0% Fe2O3 - Max Less than 0.5%
K2O + Na2O - Max 1.5% CaO + MgO - Max 1% L.O.I. - Max 1%

and pebbles are free from biotite.

Size : As the pebbles are usually oval in shape to measure them, both the sides are taken for scaling and the sum total of both the side is divided by two. For example : The bigger side is 5"The smaller side is 3"Therefore the size of a pebble will be (5+3)/2 = 4 inches. Sizes available for grinding purpose : 0.5" to 8.0"Sizes available for decoration purpose : 0.5" to 8.0" and above. The size must be specified with the variation range of +-0.5" in your order, e.g. if you require the pebbles of size 2" it is assumed some pebbles of size 1.5" and 2.5" are also found in the lot.