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Landscaping with glass allows drainage and helps reduce the growth of unwanted weeds.

You can use many different kinds of material to create interesting decorative features, and glass is certainly one of them! Colourful and non-toxic, glass has a dramatic effect in many applications: from landscaping, flowerbeds, lawn edging, ponds and fountains, to flower vases, arts and crafts, and in a multitude of design projects.


Stone Decorative's crushed glass is offered in several rich colors. With a variety of designs to explore, use crushed glass to snazz potted plants, water features, mosaics, or landscape and construction projects, etc.

Ready to use, the crushed glass is packaged in bags of 10kg (covers 1 to 1.25 sq.ft., 1" deep) and 10kg (cover 2 to 2.5 sq.ft., 1" deep). Other colours may be available; please call or email us your specifications. Contact us for pricing per ton.
Black 1/4"
Gray 1/4"
Copper 1/4"
White 1/4"

Blue 1/4"

Ice Clear 1/4"
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